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We need a new Executive Director! Apply here!

After seven-and-a-half years, the Utah Lake Commission’s first executive director, Reed Price, is moving on.  He has accepted a new position with the City of Orem.  His leadership has been key in ensuring the early and ongoing success of the Commission.  He will be missed. Because of this change, the Commission is seeking the best-qualified candidate for […]

Utah Lake Informational Map

We have compiled some of our favorite pictures, videos, and news stories about Utah Lake onto a Google Map. There is also information about access points and trails around the lake. Click Here to access the map. The purpose of this map is to help residents of Utah learn more about Utah Lake by compiling relevant […]

We need your help! Take the Utah Lake Access Point Surveys

Below is a list of the official public access points to Utah Lake. They are listed geographically starting with the American Fork Boat Harbor and going clockwise around the lake. Each access point on the list will link you to a short survey that can be completed in 2-3 minutes. The surveys will ask a […]

Help Support a June Sucker Awareness Eagle Project

A local Boy Scout named Jacob Faber has been working on an Eagle Project that is designed to increase awareness about the endangered June Sucker. The main goal of the project is to construct an educational kiosk at the Lower Hobble Creek Tributary. Jacob has been doing some great projects to raise funds to build the kiosk.  […]

What can you do to help at Utah Lake?

With the publicity that Utah Lake has had over the past few weeks, some of you might be wondering what you can do to help make Utah Lake a better place. A recent editorial in the Daily Herald encouraged anyone who is interested in helping to contact us. Ultimately, funding for improvement projects is the main […]

More information about last week's algae bloom

It’s been a busy week!  The algae bloom that was present last week brought a lot of attention to the lake. Over the last week, several agencies have been taking water samples to determine whether toxins were produced by the algae bloom. We also took an air boat onto the lake to see how widespread the […]

Caution: Dangerous algae bloom at Utah Lake

Utah Lake is a highly eutrophic lake.  That means it’s rich in nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen.  You may recognize these compounds as fertilizers that will help your grass to grow healthy and green and helps your garden be more productive.  Plants love them!  When there is plenty of fertilizer, it’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet for […]

Utah Lake Commission 4th Grade Field Trip Announcement - Spring 2015

Interested in learning more about the Utah Lake Field Trip opportunity?  The information below should answer most of your questions. What:   The Utah Lake Commission offers a hands-on field trip opportunity to students who have been taught from our specialized lesson plans.  The lesson plans teach Utah State core concepts in math, language arts, […]

Utah Lake Festival Youth Photography and Art Contest 2014-2015

The Utah Lake Commission is excited to announce the 1st annual Utah Lake Festival Youth Photography and Art Contest.  All youth under 18 years of age are encouraged to create art through a variety of mediums.  We want to see Utah Lake through your eyes! Contest categories include: Utah Lake Photography: A printed color or black & white image, […]

Our Shallow Lake

We hope everyone has had the opportunity to recreate on Utah Lake in one form or another this summer. There is so much to do at the lake but unfortunately some recreational activities become limited during certain climate cycles or times of drought.  With the ongoing drought the past few years, the lake has been […]